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The Marketing Science Accelerator program brings together 60 high-potential marketers from across the globe who are nominated by MSI member company leaders for 1-1/2 days of interactive learning and networking. The program offers a great opportunity to recognize and invest in the rising stars on your marketing team who are driven to learn more, expand their roles, and take on new challenges.

You may nominate up to five (5) individuals who may attend the program for $1,195 each. 

About the Marketing Science Accelerator Program

The next generation of MSI’s highly successful Immersion conference, the Marketing Science Accelerator program will offer a day and a half of interactive learning with real job relevance. In five modules, marketing’s leading professors will present the latest research-generated knowledge on consumer behavior, marketing analytics, and marketing strategy. Their presentations are designed to be relevant across industries and company roles and to accommodate varying levels of experience and expertise in qualitative and quantitative approaches. 

Past attendees include: 
AAA Northeast, Membership Product Manager
AbbVie, Senior Manager, Business Intelligence
BAV Consulting, Brand Consultant
Coca-Cola North America, Director, Consumer Analytics
Colgate-Palmolive Company, Head of Insights
Disney Co., Director, Consumer Analytics
Dow DuPont Canada, Product Manager
Eli Lilly & Company, Multichannel Engagement
Kaiser Permanente, Market Research Manager
MaPS/Kantar Millward, Analytics, Senior Director
Nike, Inc., Member Program Director
Pinterest, Insights Manager
SC Johnson, Consumer Insight Manager
The Vanguard Group, Marketing Manager
UPS, Senior Marketing Analytics
Wells Fargo & Co., Marketing Consultant 

Nomination Criteria

Member company nominees should be high-potential individuals who have demonstrated interest and ability in assimilating and applying marketing knowledge and techniques. Their company roles may include branding, insights, market research, analytics, economics, marketing training, and innovation. Nominees may have varying levels of experience and expertise in qualitative and quantitative approaches.

When your nominations are received, an invitation to the Marketing Science Accelerator Program will be sent directly to your nominees.


Questions? Please contact Kate Grey at 

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Your nominees will be energized by new ideas and marketing frameworks, and by the opportunity to network with an elite cohort of marketers. As they interact with leading academics and marketers across industries and roles, they will develop a rich network of resources for future benchmarking and discussions. 

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Nominate Your Rising Stars

Please submit your nominations no later than July 26, 2019.

Once your nomination form is received, an invitation will be sent directly to your nominee(s). Participation is limited to no more than five people from any MSI member company and the cost of attendance is $1,195 per person. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at (617) 491-2060 or email us at

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